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Used To Be available February 11, in digital stores! Check it out on your favorite streaming platform.

New Release! 

Dog Without A Bone will be available in digital stores December 17. Hop onto your favorite streaming platform and listen or download!

New Release October 29! 

Thanks everyone for an awesome time at Moog's Joint again. We're super stoked about our second release, Eden, available in stores October 29! And don't forget if you haven't had the chance to yet, check out our first release, Never Goin Back To Michigan.

Never Goin Back To Michigan Available Now! 

I'm so stoked for our first release with Animal Farm Records, out NOW in stores! We've got some music out there, but this is the first of a few that have been produced in the studio at Animal Farm and the work they did I think was out of this world. I could't be more proud of what they did with these songs. Have a listen and see what ya think! Let us know!!  Never Goin Back To Michigan, available in digital stores NOW!

Live Shows!! New release end of August! 

So many exciting things going on right now. Our first single with Animal Farm Records, Never Goin' Back To Michigan, is set for release at the end of August! We've spent about a year working on the songs we're going to release. Most of the recording was done here in Vermont. The mixing and mastering and additional recording was done at Animal farm Records Studio in London.- Matt, you are a true sound wizard!

So now that we're gonna start releasing songs, it's time to do some live shows! We've got two on the board now and more to come soon. Friday, July 16 we'll be at Moog's Joint in Johnson VT. Then on July 20th, we will be at Tuesday Night Live, also in Johnson. Many more to come. Hope to see you at one of our shows. And, don't forget to check out Never Goin' Back To Michigan, available on all streaming platforms at the end of August!